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For homeowners who need help envisioning the scope of their renovation, or real estate agents who would like to show buyers the full potential of a listing: a first draft of floor plans ready to discuss with your contractor. 

We find that clients often find themselves stuck in the early stages of renovation planning.  They’re unsure whether to begin by engaging an architect or an interior designer.  This service was designed to solve that problem, and start productive conversations about scoping and cost.  We will meet on site to talk through your renovation wish list.   Then, we  create two versions of possible “proposed” floor plans, including furniture and lighting placement.   These plans will need further detail & development before they are construction-ready, but the goal is to give contractors something to react to as you are gathering rough pricing. These space plans will take into account focal points, graceful transitions between spaces, indoor-outdoor connection, and real, functional furniture arrangements.   We believe that the overall floor plan and the furniture & lighting placement are interconnected and must be considered at the same time to create the best design.  

FEE: $2,500 - $5,000

depending on scope

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